Thursday, July 28, 2011

Converted Churches of Maastricht

If you're traveling to the Netherlands this summer, the city of Maastricht offers an interesting option.
Here, the fashion of converting gothic churches into commercial spaces is in full swing. Maastricht can pride itself with 2 such spaces: the Kruisheren Hotel is located in a 15th century monastery. Its unaltered structure is filled with design objects by Le Corbusier, Philippe Starck and Gerrit Rietveld following a concept by Satijnplus Architects.

Kruisheren Hotel (photo courtesy of

Further down the street you can find the Selexyz bookshop in a 13th century former Dominican church. The store, designed by Merkx and Girod Architects must be rated amongst the worlds most beautiful bookshops. The building, no longer used as a church for 200 years has had a number of interesting functions: from an exotic animals shop to being rented for receptions. The former altar area now functions as a Cafe.

Selexyz bookshop


  1. I have seen a church converted into a bicycle parking venue...
    somewhere in Netherland.

  2. We've recently discovered one that was converted into a fitness center :)